Adult Ministries

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Young Adults

LakePoint’s Young Adults are active in helping with community events, worship nights and crazy adventures. Young Adults include students and young professionals from every walk of life.

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Adult Education

LakePoint is happy to offer various classes and learning groups for adults throughout the year. Classes vary from semester to semester and cover different genres of study. For example, classes are offered for an in-depth study of the Bible, lessons in leadership and spiritual strategies. Classes are taught by experienced teachers that love God and keep Christ the center of all that they teach. Classes are posted in August and November. Sign-up early to reserve your spot in any one of LakePoint’s exciting education classes.

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Membership Classes

  • i2LP – Learn the history of our church while receiving an overview of what we believe. (required for membership)
  • Connect – A commitment to Christ and His Church. (required for membership)
  • Grow – A commitment to Growing in Christ.
  • Serve – A commitment to Serving Christ and others.
  • Reach – A commitment to Sharing Christ with others in our local community and beyond.
  • Worship – A commitment to Loving God through a lifestyle of worship.

If you have any questions, please contact: Pastor Andrea – 518.331.1344

Women’s Ministry

LakePoint CC’s Women’s Ministry is dedicated to the women of our church and the surrounding community. Our goal is to encourage women to embrace the Word and God’s love through testimony while building personal relationships with Jesus and each other. We want to include women in all walks of life, and most of our events are open to women 16 years old and up. LakePoint’s Women’s Ministry has a morning and evening Bible Study that meets on Tuesdays. The study has a fall and winter semester, and the ministry hosts many social events throughout the year. For more information, please contact: Sarah Pehrson – 248.978.4523

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Women’s Bible Study

LakePoint CC’s Women’s Ministry Bible Study begins Tuesday, September 11th and ends November 6th (8 weeks).

All women from LakePoint and our surrounding community are welcome. No registration is necessary, walk-ins are welcome (any time).

  • Tuesday mornings 9 am – 11:30 am; free childcare provided
  • Tuesday evenings 7 pm – 9 pm; no childcare provided
  • Located in Burgess Hall
  • $13 will be collected on the first day for the participant workbook

Topic: Philippians, Discovering Joy Through Relationship by Sue Edwards

Paul’s brief letter to Philippi highlights what strengthens authentic connections – skills like trust, humility, healthy self-sacrifice, and generosity. It also sheds light on how to overcome toxic connection-killers like envy, comparison, and a critical spirit. Join Sue Edwards on this inductive study of Philippians, where you will discover how to find and maintain beloved, organic, healthy community.

Questions? Contact Corinne Miller 248-376-3773 or contact the church.

Men’s Ministry

A Men’s mentoring mindset that’s distinctive-you’re among friends. Brothers who will help strengthen your faith when you have questions. Build solid relationships at home, work, in your ministry, in your family, with friends, and in the world through godly instruction and encouragement. This is a group of genuine guys challenging themselves and each other to be real and to discover their greater purpose. You’ll find non-judgmental, informal man-to-man discussion. Whether you’ve had great male role models or could use a good mentor, the Men’s Ministry is for you.

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